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Art de Soul

Artist Statemet: Ava
Artist Statemet: Ava

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Art de Soul

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Well I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Pamela Jeanne Weston, consistently, and every year when I travel and paint, I also like to assume new names for that archival purpose for that year, and so I've also had the names of Moma De Louvre...this year my name is AVA and it's the same frontwards or backwards and I liked that idea and it seems to go with everything.

I especially am in attunement with the artists that want to raise the vibration of themselves, the planet, and share this with others, that is a mission that I've always had on a vibratory level to increase the frequency where creativity and joy, enthusiasm, excitement, expansion are always on the breakfast table.

Art to me is a force that actually expresses itself to expand you into universes of congnition and awareness. That's what art is to me.

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