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Artist Statement: Kornelius Schorle
Artist Statement: Kornelius Schorle
Kornelius Schorle

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Long Skinny Pictures

Owner and Panoramist for, Pro Photo Connection and the Long Skinny Picture Company, is a world famous ultra panoramist known for extreme panoramas from all over the world.

He was born in East Berlin, Germany, from where he later escaped. In Germany he left behind "normal" photography and sought after an inventive panorama style, which he now has perfected. Today Kornelius Schorle' resides in Southern California.

Kornelius Schorle' is not only a master panoramist but his work is produced with the best archival technology available today. Kornelius Schorle' continues to surprise image experts with flawless execution of impossible photography, the results of which he sells all over the world.

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