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Art de Soul

Artist Statement: Ron
Artist Statement: Ron
Ron Burkhardt

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Medici Medal Winning Artist of Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Citta Di Firenze, Italia, Dec. 2005

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Ron Burkhardt's unique new genre of contemporary American art is a fusion of abstract semiotics and organic writing. Notism exalts the power of hand-written text--its style, texture, intensity, range, dynamism, estheticism, depth, and primal exuberance.

The mysterious, revealing qualities of Burkhardt's work stir the spirit, manifesting in symbolic shapes and forms while exploring the common chord in us all--a bond Burkhardt has chosen to preserve in mixed media, acrylics, and pen and ink on paper or canvas. Even on computers and zip drives, where it forms a potent "anti-tech" statement.

 Working in his unique system of "notes as substrate" ideation for twenty years, this Notist's art is at once primitive and evolved. His spontaneous, highly-charged art is a testament to the complexity, speed and intensity of modern urban life, with its disparate pulls on one's soul.

 Burkhardt's obsessive assaults on blank space, imbued with his uniquely compulsive detail, depict a city-dweller's incessant drive to harness the information overload of modern society. His intuitive work confers an ordered power on the daily chaos and confusion of our multi-tasking world.

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