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Art de Soul

Artist Statement: Murai
Artist Statement: Murai

Essay on Murai
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An Essay on the Artist Murai

Murai spent twelve years living in Libya, Rome and London. Upon her return to the USA she moved to San Francisco where she established a career in art, fashion and design. Her exclusive designs sold in such well-known stores as Neiman Marcus and I. Magnin. After a decade in the fashion industry she sold her business in order to return to college and prepare for a career in the holistic health field.

She obtained a Master of Arts Degree in body-mind Psychology from Sonoma State University and became a certified 'Brain Gym' instructor and Educational Kinesiologist. The Institute of Educational Therapy in Cotati, CA has recently certified her as a Diet Counselor. Her work comprises neurological changes through specific  ovement, biochemical changes through the use of food and motivational changes from her study of psychology and hypnotherapy: whole person techniques, which include spiritual integration through visualization and imagery-round, out the triune identity of body, mind and spirit.

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