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Artist: Georgeana Ireland
Artist: Georgeana Ireland
Georgeana Ireland

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Georgeana Studio

A native Oregonian, Georgeana grew up in the rural town of Trail, Oregon. Her artistic talent was discovered at an early age, and her grandmother and father, both artists encouraged her.  Her art was her passion and by the time she was 16 she was taking private lessons, painting more than 3 hours a day and selling her work.  While still in her teens she became a member of numerous art associations and began showing her work in galleries and national juried shows.  She honed her talent with private studies under master artist such as William Whittaker, Jim Daly, Albert Handell and Ben Konis among others.  She was inspired by the masters of the past, the Symbolists, the Romantic Movement, Klimt, Sargent, Whistler and Waterhouse.

Her first national debut was in Carmel, CA at the age of 21.  Her work continued to win awards, and by age 23 her work had been featured in more than 30 exhibitions in galleries and museums across the US.  She was chosen Honorary Chair for the Umqua Valley Art association and her painting was chosen for the Art Festival Poster.  Upon moving to Portland she was immediately featured in galleries, The Vault, Patricia Mayfield, Indigo and later Artique, Ballintyne and Douglass.  She turned to the livelihood of the masters before her and began painting murals.  Many of her hero s painted murals, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Klimt and Sargent.  She found success in this area and her murals can be found in major hotels, resorts and estates.

Now nearing her 20th year as a painter, her work has been featured in numerous articles in magazines and newspapers and she has been featured on television.  Her latest series of “Dreamscapes” evoke pure emotion and many have said that they have a mystical Turner-like quality.  “They are totally intuitive work, I feel they are divinely inspired.  It is like I am on another conscious plane.  I don’t start with a plan; the painting just immerges from the canvas.  My talent is a gift.”

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