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Art de Soul

Artist: Lahila
Artist: Lahila
Lahila Oppenheimer

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It is said that the energy of the artist gets manifested in their art. Lahila chooses to be happy, always and under all conditions. She is highly passionate and exuberant about life. Her art shows this energetic happiness. Lahila is also a deeply spiritual person, and her connection with God is at the core of her being. This spirit is incorporated in 100% of her artwork; you will never see an unwholesome, unsupportive theme in her work!

“What you surround yourself with, you become” is one of Lahila’s mottos. Why surround your-self with dark, unhappy, or sedate artwork. Choose to be happy and alive, and spiritually in-tune. Surround yourself with art that supports these choices. Lahila is here to help you with this.

Lahila (pronounced “Lah-HEE-lah”) was born in Munster, Germany to strict, conservative Ger-man parents, although her bloodline & temperament is fiery Hungarian. This inherent conflict drove her to pursue a career in the arts from the earliest age, first in the performing arts and later in the visual arts.

Performing Arts: As a pop singer in Europe, Lahila earned two Gold and one Platinum albums by the time she turned 21. She is the lead vocalist on 15 released CD’s in German and English. She also toured Europe as an actor/singer, having starring roles in eight large, top-tier musicals. For more information, please visit www.lahilamusic.com

Visual Arts: Lahila has worked in a variety of media, primarily in the Laguna Beach, California regional art markets. As an exhibitor in the well-known Sawdust Festival for ten years she cre-ated jewelry, clothing, ceramic sculptures, and paintings. Today her focus is clearly on large paint-on-canvas media, which has brought her additional success and some fame.

Psychological Arts: Lahila’s other “day job” is as a successful, practicing therapist and rela-tionship counselor. Anyone can tell you that her real passion is with helping and healing others. Her work has included dolphin telepathic communication research as a partner with the famous Ric O’Barry (Flipper’s trainer), and she is a long-time equestrian. Lahila incorporates all this knowledge and happiness into her artwork. She creates specific pieces that serve as “Vibrational Medicine” to support and balance you, your family, or your office. She even creates custom artwork to support specific individuals in their quests to grow and improve their relationships, health, & finances.

Surround yourself with supportiveness, energy, and happiness!

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