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Ink Tiles

Ink Tiles
Ink Tiles

Our tile murals add a splash of life and color to any resturant, home, office, or bathroom.  They are perfect for the inside of a shower, on the floor, or for a backsplash of a sink. 

Digitally printed and heat transferred by hand, our tile murals are crystal clear and have a full spectrum of true color.  Our murals are available in matte or high gloss porclain, and glass tiles.  Also, using our latest technology, we can create reflective glow in the dark murals, similar to that of New York City subways signs. 

Murals are custom designed to fit into any space.  The murals may be shipped as preassembled and framed wall hangings, or as unassembled tile sets ready for application on nearly any surface in your home or place of work. 

We offer a wide variety of images to choose from, including a diverse spectrum of photography, original paintings and classic works of art. We also welcome your photography and art as well! 

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For More Information:
(949) 689-6137 - (949) 494-1441

Click here to view some of our most popular tile designs!

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