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Imaginations Ink is a Global Independent Film Production & Web Design Team. Equipped and enthusiastic for helping market a range of programs and products... the Imagine team is geared for world travel and up for any adventure.

The focus of our work thus far has been two fold. Our first and main objective is to promote cultural transmission through film in hopes of fostering a better understanding of human life and it's many complexities. Secondly, as we
believe that we as humans will always be inseparably connected to the Earth, our goal is to illustrate environmental issues worldwide and the human toll that accompanies them.

Whether you are interested in creating a DVD, WEBSITE, CD, or PRINTS, the Imagine Team is
a one-stop-shop to help you get your project rolling. Fully mobile with the latest technology in Digital Still and Video Cameras, Film Editing and Website Development Technology, and Color Printers.

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