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Post-Production work with "Launch DRTV", a full-service infomercial production company and direct response marketing agency in Marina del Rey.
Post-Production work with "900 Frames", a full service TV commercial production company located in Los Angeles, California with an unparalleled 10-year track record of success producing fresh, highly branded television commercials and representing a top roster of award-winning commercial directors.
Post Production freelance work with Orange County based production company. Work thus far has included productions with Fortune 500 Companies, PBS, News Reels, Infomercials, Star List Clients, and other high end productions.
Post-Production Work
Editing and Authoring Promotional DVDs
Promotional Documentation of Gallery Events
Highlighting specific artists and galleries for publicity and archive purposes
ArtdeSoul.com - Irvine, CA
Promotional film and images for
artist scanning and printing company
Norman Rest of Lido Sailing Company
Huacas, Costa Rica
Promotional film and images for Real Estate
Don Williams, Director of AATAT
African American Theater Arts Troupe
University of California Santa Cruz
Promotional film and images for website
Artist Frances Heussenstamm
in association with Paintology.com
Laguna Beach, California
Promotional film and images for website
Artist Paul Heussenstamm
in association with The Heart Center
Laguna Beach, California/Nelson, BC
Promotional Film and images for Website

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