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Documentary with Non-Proft Organization
Part of a compilation for Busch Gardens
San Diego, California / Borneo, Indonesia
Click here to view highlights from this documentary
Non-profit video work with the Sumatran Orangutan Society
Sumatra, Indonesia
Click here to view the official site: OrangutanFilm.org
Promotional Piece with Non-Proft Organization
Newport Beach, California
Documentary with Non Profit organization
in the Oakland School District.
T.A.C.L.E. works with mentally
and physically handicapped children.
Public Service Announcement of John McConnell
Founder of original Earth Day (March 21, 1970)
In association with the Earth Trustee Organization.
Denver, Colorado - Website/Radio Formats
Documentary & Website with Non-Proft Organization
N-WEG (Nepali Women Empowerment Movement)
Kathmandu, Nepal

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